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Academia, business, and government in a wide variety of disciplines from science and technology to color classification and branding use Munsell Color products. The Munsell System of Color is ideal for a wide variety of color applications because it's organized in the way we see color and designed for the way color is produced.

Munsell products are produced to exact color tolerances making them ideal color references. Businesses trust Munsell color standards to help them accurately and consistently communicate and classify color. So whether you're grading the value of agricultural products based on color, communicating color to supply chain partners, determining fitness for use of land, or ensuring safety based on color, Munsell Color products can help.

Munsell Color products also include visual aids for learning and teaching about color based on the Munsell Color Order System. Beginning with color aptitude, Munsell color vision tests have been used for more than 50 years to evaluate the color vision of anyone responsible for evaluating color.

Enable fast, accurate visual color matching.

You know how your color should look. Now make sure your partners and suppliers know too with Munsell Custom Color Service. Each color standard is customized to your exact numeric or physical color specifications, including surface appearance attributes such as texture and gloss.

Custom Color Service gives you more options for creating the most effective color standard that help you, your partners and suppliers gain achievable, accurate color regardless of product or process.

Munsell Custom Color Service provides options for more achievable visual color matching:

  • Achieve color consistency among multi-component parts from disparate manufacturing partners.
  • Match the appearance of color based on gloss level or texture.
  • Improve production yield with color tolerances that align with manufacturing process tolerances.
Try Munsell Custom Color Service and get accurate achievable color evaluation.

 Munsell Color Tolerance Sets
Used to improve color quality control among buyers and suppliers, Color Tolerance Sets are ideal for multi-component products manufactured in different geographic locations.

 Munsell Custom Color Standards
Precise Color Matching

 Munsell Color Control Panels Family
Color Communication, Specification and Visual Evaluation
Color control panels provide a physical standard for the communication and specification of color and appearance to your vendors and raw materials suppliers. They are available in variations of 3" x 5" formats or custom sizes.

 Munsell Texture Standards
There is a need to be able to create a color standard with a texture to it. The texture standards allow you to be able to do that. The textures can be created in a fine medium and course texture formats and can be reproduced to be able to show what the effect of a texture or a gloss has on a color.

 Munsell QuickColor Standards
QuickColor is a proof-free, quick custom color standard for interim, conceptual or seasonal applications.

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