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Academia, business, and government in a wide variety of disciplines from science and technology to color classification and branding use Munsell Color products. The Munsell System of Color is ideal for a wide variety of color applications because it's organized in the way we see color and designed for the way color is produced.

Munsell products are produced to exact color tolerances making them ideal color references. Businesses trust Munsell color standards to help them accurately and consistently communicate and classify color. So whether you're grading the value of agricultural products based on color, communicating color to supply chain partners, determining fitness for use of land, or ensuring safety based on color, Munsell Color products can help.

Munsell Color products also include visual aids for learning and teaching about color based on the Munsell Color Order System. Beginning with color aptitude, Munsell color vision tests have been used for more than 50 years to evaluate the color vision of anyone responsible for evaluating color.

Learn how to use color effectively

Color education was one of Albert H. Munsell's initial goals. The Munsell color education products continue his mission. Thanks to the Munsell Color Order System, artists, art educators, and anyone responsible for making color decisions have a logical system with which to describe color. The Munsell System of color makes it easier to design with and communicate color.

Munsell Color Education Products make working with color easier in several ways:

  • Learn about basic color theory and its application using the Munsell Color Order System, which is still used today as the basis for computerized color matching systems.
  • Experience Munsell's color theory first hand using interactive models and learning kits.
Learn or teach the Munsell Color Order System using our color education products.

 Fundamentals of Color and Appearance Book
The Fundamentals of Color and Appearance Book is reference guide to basic color theory and practical application

 Munsell Color Tree
The Color Tree is an attractive, three-dimensional model that makes it easy to comprehend the Munsell three-dimensional color space.

 Munsell Hue, Value, Chroma Poster
This poster-sized chart shows the Munsell System at a glance.

 Munsell Interactive Learning Kit
The Fundamentals of Color Interactive Student Set makes color come alive. There’s never been an easier, more effective way to explain the complexities of color physics than with these easy-to-use tools.


What is the Munsell Color Order System?

Early in the 20th century, Professor Albert H. Munsell brought clarity to color communication by establishing an orderly system for accurately identifying every color that exists. Munsell based his system on what he defined as "perceived equidistance," the human visual system's perception of color.

The Munsell Color Order System...
  • Is a three-dimensional model based on the premise that each color has three qualities or attributes: hue, value, and chroma.
  • Establishes numerical scales with visually uniform steps for each of these attributes--in Munsell notation, each color has a logical relationship to all other colors.
  • This leads to endless creative possibilities in color choices and the ability to communicate them.