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Academia, business, and government in a wide variety of disciplines from science and technology to color classification and branding use Munsell Color products. The Munsell System of Color is ideal for a wide variety of color applications because it's organized in the way we see color and designed for the way color is produced.

Munsell products are produced to exact color tolerances making them ideal color references. Businesses trust Munsell color standards to help them accurately and consistently communicate and classify color. So whether you're grading the value of agricultural products based on color, communicating color to supply chain partners, determining fitness for use of land, or ensuring safety based on color, Munsell Color products can help.

Munsell Color products also include visual aids for learning and teaching about color based on the Munsell Color Order System. Beginning with color aptitude, Munsell color vision tests have been used for more than 50 years to evaluate the color vision of anyone responsible for evaluating color.

 Color Communication Products
Establishing and Communicating Color Standards
Choosing the right color for your business or product is just the first step. Assurance that it communicates in variety of single- and multi-dimensional formats is equally important. The only way to accomplish this is to have a full range of choices available.

 Color Education Products
Developing Color Knowledge and Application
Nuance is an elemental aspect of color. The more you know about the nuances in color and how they work, the more you can effectively apply color in any form of communication.

 Color Vision Tests
Evaluating and Assessing
Getting the color right is as important as getting the right color, and it begins in-house with the people who communicate your color to your customers.

 Custom Color Service
Establishing Reliable Color Standards
With a custom color standard it’s possible to not only specify the color you want, but to also determine the correct appearance aspects of that color to ensure the proper reproduction.

 About Munsell
The Value of Color
Color brings vitality to everything we do. Whether developing a corporate identity, a brand, a new product, color has the power to create an impression that separates your image or product from everyone else’s. It is, for many, the defining element of your product’s personality.

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