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Languages: English, French, Italian, German, Portuguese, Spanish, Korean, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, and Japanese.

Learn the basic operations of your Ci6x instrument including navigation, working with modes, and using it with Color iQC.

Module One: Using Your Instrument

The first module, "Using Your Instrument"; introduces the device's controls and explains how to use them to navigate through the main menu and take a measurement.

Module Two: Configuration Mode

Configuration mode allows you to adjust your instrument's settings. In module two you'll learn about each of the settings and how to adjust them to best fit your workflow.

Module Three: Calibration Mode

Calibration involves measuring a white ceramic plaque, a black trap, and, in the Ci64, a UV calibration plaque. The third module, "Calibration Mode," explains how to perform calibrations and provides guidance on how often to calibrate.

Module Four: Measure Mode

"Measure" is the main operation mode used to measure, analyze, and collect sample data. Module four explains how to take measurements in QA mode, change color spaces and views, and create standards.

Module Five: Projects

With the Ci6x you can create projects with grouped standards and the corresponding measurement data. Module five explains how to create projects within the instrument.

Module Six: Color iQC

The sixth module explains how to use your Ci6x with Color iQC software, including how to connect the instrument, configure the settings, create a job template, and take measurements.

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