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"The Fundamentals", Training Series -
FOCA & FIQC Combined

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On day 1, develop a solid understanding of the numbers of color in our "Fundamentals of Color and Appearance" seminar.  Put your new knowledge into action on day 2 in our "Fundamentals of Instrumentation and Quality Control" hands-on workshop.

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"Fundamentals of Color and Appearance" seminar

"Fundamentals of Instrumentation and Quality Control" hands-on workshop*.

Free Bonus Materials

Exclusive Fundamentals Training Books
All 2016 seminar attendees will also receive X-Rites exclusive Fundamentals of Color and Appearance book and the Fundamentals of Instrumentation and Quality Control book. This industry acknowledged publication provides a logical and practical approach to solving color and appearance and quality control issues related to industrial applications.

Additional Product Drawing & Discounts:
At each location, attendees will be entered into a sweepstake! Winner may choose from new Judge QC light booth, Munsell Hue Test, or a copy of software (ColorMaster QAIIColor iQC Professional, or X-Color QC). In addition, all participants will receive a $500 voucher that is valid within the first 2 weeks of the class. After two weeks, the voucher is valid for $250 and can be used until December 31, 2016. All vouchers require a minimum purchase of $2,500.

Finally, all attendees also are eligible for a second sweepstake, to be held at the end of the seminar tour. X-Rite will be giving away five RM200QC handheld color-matching instruments to 2016's lucky winners.

Cancellation Policy:  21 days prior to event date 100% refund, 14 days prior to event date 50% refund, less than 14 days no refund will be given.

Our Instructors —

Tony Bolynn

Tony works with the Customer Success Team of X-Rite’s Industrial Color and Appearance business. Formerly he was with GretagMacbeth, in the same role. He also worked at Datacolor International as an Applications Specialist. He currently supports users and sales staff, and investigates innovative applications of color management in paint, plastic, ink and related industries. Tony is an active member of the Society of Plastic Engineers. He has written several papers at technical conferences in relation to color measurement.

Tony received his BS in Marketing and Communications from Appalachian State University in Boone, NC. He worked in the paint industry before starting his career in color management. He has worked in the area of color management for the last 15 years.

Jeff Dodge

Jeff comes to X-Rite Inc. with a rich history in industrial coatings. He has been both a coatings formulator and color technologist for nineteen years, and an automotive paint line engineer for two years. In these capacities Jeff worked with both X-Rite and Gretag Macbeth products. With this experience Jeff fully understands both industrial coating, ink and plactics manufacturing and application, which he effectively applies to X-Rite products. Jeff is a former facilitator for the West Michigan Office Furniture Industry Council- Color Sub-Committee (now BIFMA), in charge of overseeing the development of unified visual and instrumental evaluation standard practices for that industry. He is also a past member of Chemical Coaters Association International, and has attended DCC meetings. For the past six years in his capacity at X-rite, Jeff supports both hardware and software color solutions. Jeff is one of several professional on staff color educators.

Jeff holds an Associate of Science form Grand Rapids Community College and a Bachelor of Science in Business Management from the University of Phoenix. Additionally, Jeff is a certified Honda 5P problem solving facilitator and in the past has attended most major color courses.

Mike Gardner

Mike is a Sr. Applications Engineer and a member of the Customer Success Team of X-Rite’s Industrial Color and Appearance business. He was introduced to color science in the ink industry and since 1998 has been training, teaching and supporting others in color management.

Mike was formerly with GretagMacbeth, in the same role. He is responsible for training and supporting users and sales staff on the application of color management in coatings and related industries. He received his BS in Biochemistry from Texas Tech University, Lubbock, Texas and now resides in Charlotte, NC.

John McReynolds

John’s expansive career began in Graphic Arts Pre-press with cameras and professional scanners including Klimsch, Brown, Scitex, DS, Crosfield, and Hell. He later moved to software design for quality assurance and process control for all prepress operations of a privately owned trade shop. John originally joined X-Rite to deliver customer support for those developing interfaces to X-Rite color measurement hardware. He designed and co-authored X-Rite's first commercial software applications including "ColorStart", "SpectroStart", and "PrintStart". He now helps manage X-Rite's technical support team of Applications' Specialists and manages web site development for technical support of all X-Rite products. John has been involved with training and support both classroom, web, and at customer sites for more than 25 years.

John is a graduate of Georgia State University - Major: BS in Physical Anthropology, Minors: Physics, Math, and Chemistry.

Tim Mouw

Tim is the Manager of X-Rite’s North American Technical Application Team for Industrial Color and Appearance and Retail businesses. Tim’s team provides X-Rite customers with technical support, classroom, regional, and on-site training as well various consulting related services. Tim is a member of SPE, has presented papers for SPE, ACA (formerly NPCA/FSCT), and ISCC. Tim has also taught several short courses for ACA.

Tim’s “color-ful” career began in 1976 with Diamond Vogel Paints, where he worked during high school and while attending college. In 1981 he joined BASF in the pigments and colorants division, working with inks, paints, and plastics. In 1994, Tim joined X-Rite as an Applications Specialist. In 2006, Tim assumed his current role as the manager of the Applications Team. In his time at X-Rite, Tim has taught over 300 color courses to an audience of over 5000 students across North America, Europe, Asia, and Australia.

Greg Stehn

Greg is a Sr. Technical Support Specialist and a member of the Customer Success Team of X-Rite’s Industrial Color and Appearance business. Formerly, he was with GretagMacbeth and prior to that SheLyn, in the same role. Greg is responsible for training and supporting customers and sales staff on the application of color management specializing in textiles and in-line solutions. An active member of AATCC, Greg is a former secretary of the Color Measurement Test Methods committee.

Greg’s experience with color started in 1984 when he was part of a light print team in the Army. He was involved with illustration, printing, photography and photo layout. He went on to a textile dye house and dye lab helping with the formulation and control of color in the dying process. In 1995 he joined SheLyn and has worked with training, teaching and supporting others in color management ever since. Greg resides in Reidsville, NC.

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