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Seth Resnick

Since he first became interested in photojournalism at Syracuse University, color has fascinated Seth Resnick, today one of North America's most prolific corporate, editorial and stock photographers "Maybe it’s because color is so subjective, and so much a part of our human experience. We all see color, but no two of us experience it exactly the same way; my shade of red is not what you’re seeing. Yet as a photographer, I want you to see what's in my mind's eye, which is where the challenge lies to capture and render a particular vision," he says.

Color also, according to Seth, represents the area of creativity where technology steps in and enhances the process.  In fact, Seth equates the latest color management tools as “absolute must haves,” ranking them on equal footing with the latest camera lens or model.

“Depending on your interest level when you start, having a ColorMunki Photo or i1Pro is absolutely critical. No matter how creative you are, or how good of a photographer, without properly managed color, you have nothing,” Seth says.

He is equally impassioned about the need to use the latest tools properly. “Take a simple operating concept like ColorChecker. It’s a great little tool that every photographer should have, but even its benefits can turn into problems if not used correctly. You don’t want to throw out a white card and neutralize the effects of that morning light you got up at 5AM to capture, do you?”

Small wonder with his passion to share knowledge that Seth co-founded D-65, an organization teaching digital workflow workshops, amid a busy career that includes wide publication among the world's most prestigious magazines and a client list that reads like the Fortune 500.

He also regularly works with Adobe, Canon, X-Rite, Epson and others to help in the development of more useful products for photographers; and sees much promise in the future for digital photography.

“One of the great things about a company like X-Rite is that they’ve taken a ridiculously geeky topic like color science and made tremendously cool products based on it, like the i1Display 2 with built-in steps that make it easy and accessible for everyone,” he adds.

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