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Ralph Man

Beauty & Fashion Photographer, DE

I am a self-tought and have occupied myself with photography from an early childhood. Even during my apprenticeship as a carpenter, my passion for photography always played a very important role. After completing my studies, I took up employment as a carpenter whilst still nurturing my talents and developing my photographic skills. Once confident and experienced enough to express my ideas through this medium, I turned my passion into a career. I have a photo-studio in Wuppertal (near Cologne and Dusseldorf) and have since been working for advertising, magazines and exhibit my work in galleries. I take up the classical subject nude photography consciously to break expectations in a subject occupied with stereotypes and to indicate other ways by new perceptions and representation possibilities just in this subject. The connection between new perception and a form of the aesthetics which is able to be seen from an emotionalität and also be understood is intuitively in my eyes an essential component of the art, what appears in many historical examples.
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