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Color Perfection for Mobile Devices

In our on-the-go, photography-filled world, mobile devices have become one of the most important ways for displaying and sharing our images, but their color accuracy is not perfect. ColorTRUE is the super simple way for professional and enthusiast color perfectionists alike to get unrivaled color accuracy on their mobile devices. Show your TRUE colors – anywhere and everywhere you are!

Amazing Color with the Greatest of Ease

Please note that a supported X-Rite measurement device is required for the calibration process.


So, you think the color on your tablet or phone looks pretty good, right? Try this. Hold your portable device up next to your desktop. Are your colors too pumped up or have they lost the level of saturation you expected to see? Are your shadows blocked up? Do your images look different on your tablet compared to your desktop? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then it’s time to calibrate with ColorTRUE– the new color management app that delivers true tablet-to-desktop screen matching (from the leader in color calibration and profiling, X-Rite Pantone). Now you can show your photos with absolute confidence knowing they are color accurate.

The process is incredibly simple. Using a supported X-Rite measurement device*, ColorTRUE quickly and easily measures the color of your Apple® iOS or Android® device, creating a custom profile. This profile is then automatically applied to your images in the ColorTRUE Image Gallery (which are seamlessly linked to your existing albums). Now all your images are displayed accurately! With ColorTRUE, you can be assured your images are showing their TRUE colors.

ColorTRUE is the only mobile calibration app that includes unique color tools to ensure that your images are displayed with consistently accurate color:

  • Before and After – lets you easily toggle between calibrated and uncalibrated images to see the difference
  • Ambient Light Compensation – accurately view images no matter what type of lighting you are in
  • Print Simulation – preview your images with printer profile and rendering intent so there are no surprises
  • ICC Profiling – easily reassign correct working color spaces (sRGB, Adobe® RGB, ProPhoto RGB)
  • White Point Selection – for optimal tablet-to-desktop match, choose between D65, D50 and Native

ColorTRUE Aware Apps – Look for the Icon

Unlike your laptop or desktop operating system, iOS and Android operating systems do not have system wide color management capabilities. Therefore, each app must apply color profiles individually. Through X-Rite’s ColorTRUE Aware Partner Program, we are collaborating with other app developers to allow them to seamlessly access your ColorTRUE profile within their app by using X-Rite’s mobile color management software development kit (SDK). This way, any ColorTRUE Aware app can display colors accurately and consistently. So help us spread the word by telling your favorite app developers you want them to be ColorTRUE Aware!

ColorTRUE Aware Partners

Whenever you create a profile for your mobile device with ColorTRUE, the following apps will also be color managed:

Cam Ranger Qtake Monitor

App Developers: visit xritephoto.com/colortrueSDK to request the ColorTRUE SDK.

X-Rite ColorTRUE
Perfect Color. Anywhere and Everywhere.

*Refer to Specifications Tab for complete listing of supported devices


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