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ProfileMaker 5 Platinum i1iSis with OBC Bundle (Discontinued)

If you work in a high production environment, consider bundling ProfileMaker™ 5 Platinum with an easy-to-use i1iSis automated chart reader, for high-speed measurement of high patch quantity test charts. i1iSis is available in your choice of two sizes to accommodate different size papers and patch counts, and also includes OBC software for compensation of color shifts caused by optical brighteners.

In high production environments like photo labs, large format, fine art, and high speed digital printing, measuring color test charts to keep your color management profiles up-to-date can be a labor intensive and time consuming process. The i1iSis automatic chart reader sets a new standard in terms of speed, accuracy and handling – allowing you more time to focus on your customers.

The i1iSis with OBC bundle includes the following hardware and software:
  • ProfileMaker5 Platinum software
  • Your choice of i1iSis (A4+) or i1iSis XL (A3+) Chart Reader, the automated solution for high-speed measurement test charts. i1iSis accommodates A4 and letter size test charts with up to 1,100 patches, while i1iSis XL accommodates A3 and tabloid size charts with up to 2,500 patches.
  • Optical Brightener Compensation Module (OBC), which compensates for color shifts caused by the Optical Brightening Agents used in many papers