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Date Created: 10/2/2017   Date Modified: 10/26/2017

Projector Profiling with i1Studio

In order to profile a projector following these recommended settings.
  1. To being with, open i1Studio and select the Projector Profiling under Display Calibration to open this workflow.  
  2. Next set up the Profile Settings by selecting the white point and gamma and click next.  Once the display options are correctly set, click Next to move to the "Measurement" tab in the workflow. The software will prompt users to calibrate the instrument as appropriate. 
    • X-Rite recommends the white point be set to native for projector profiling. White point determines how the color of white will appear on your computer's display.  Choosing any white point other than Native will likely reduce the overall maximum brightness of your projector and effective contrast ratio. For this reason, we recommend the Native options (where no change is made to the white point) for most applications.
  3. Once the instrument is calibrated, click “Start Measurement” and allow the instrument to completely read all the patches that the software scrolls through. 
  4. The final step of the profiling process is the construction of your ICC profile. After entering a name for your profile, hit the "Create and save profile" button.
  5. The Profile is now complete, and applied to the projector.

If desired, a profile reminder can be set up. For general-purpose applications using a modern LCD display, X-Rite recommends calibrating every 4 weeks. For more critical color applications, or for older displays that demonstrate greater color variation over time, you may wish to use a smaller interval. You can make a display profile using i1Profiler at any time, no matter which interval you have set for the reminder (if any).*  For optimal results with projectors it is best to profile before use when the computer or projector is being moved or the results of the ambient lighting may be different from the initial profile.  While many users have chosen to reuse an existing profile it is recommended to do so with caution.