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Date Created: 3/13/2008   Date Modified: 6/14/2016

+Additional Vista and Leopard Links

Additional Vista and Leopard Links 
Support IDDescription
3961 ShadeVision NOT Compatible with Vista
3964 Windows Vista appearance changed when using EZcolor
3969 Vista: Compatibility Notes (3/9/07)
3970 KeySpan Beta Vista Drivers Available
3973 USB Device Could Not Be Found on Windows Vista
4020 Setting a Default Monitor Profile in Windows Vista
4021 Vista Workaround for OPTIX
4027 64-bit Vista Workaround For i1Match v.3.6.1
4032 Vista Issues - Industrial Color Products
4033 Vista Issues - USB Connectivity
4071 Tentative Leopard Compatibility Notes (10/25/2007)
4090 MonacoPROFILER Leopard Compatibility - YES
4092 i1Match and 64-bit Vista
4094 MonacoPROFILER Vista Compatible Version (4.8.3)
4097 Vista - Compatibility with Color iControl
4100 MonacoOPTIX Vista support
4109 MonacoOPTIX Vista Workaround
4126 X-RiteColor Master & Vista Compatibility
4133 Vista EZcolor compatibility
4272 i1Share does not see i1Pro in Vista
4287 Monitor Profile Doesn't Load Automatically - Vista
4290 Error Code 5 in Windows Vista
4306 MonacoOPTIX Support for Microsoft Vista 64-bit
4321 Temporarily Disabling Vista's "User Account Control"
4346 X-RiteColor Master and Vista