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Date Created: 7/13/2012   Date Modified: 7/13/2012

+i1Profiler Tray Application

The i1Profiler Tray application provides you quick access to the main functions of your profiling software, such as launching the software, shutting off the reminder messages, or adjusting the Ambient Light Monitoring.
If you do not want the i1Profiler Tray to be launched in your Mac system's menu bar, you may switch off the option off by going to System Preferences > Users and Groups > Login Items.  Here you can uncheck the i1Profiler Tray and then remove it from the login items.  Now when the computer is rebooted it will not start back up.  If the icon remains turned on in the Login Items and then the system is rebooted it will automatically restart when the computer is rebooted.
On a Windows system you can shut this off by accessing it on the bottom right side of the tool bar and then clicking the Exit option.