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Date Created: 2/10/2012   Date Modified: 4/18/2012

+OEM i1Display Pro Devices

Third party software developers that purchase licensing for X-Rite device connections are often referred to as OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturer).  There are 3 flavors of the i1Display Pro instrument currently being used by OEMs:

  1. The standard X-Rite i1Display Pro
  2. OEM Generic version of the i1Display Pro
  3. Custom OEM branded i1Display Pro

The standard i1Display Pro will support X-Rite software and any 3rd party software that has obtained a license from X-Rite to support our standard hardware.  Any OEM interested in obtaining this license from X-Rite must contact us directly so the terms of this license agreement can be established.  This device’s part number is: “EODIS3-XR”.  This is the ONLY version of the i1Display Pro device that will work with X-Rite software.

The OEM Generic hardware is intended for OEMs that wish to purchase and resell this hardware as a component of their total solution.  This device will look exactly like a standard i1Display Pro except the part number will include “OEM”.  All OEM Generic devices will support any software that implements support for the OEM Generic device.  This device will NOT work with any X-Rite software.

The Custom OEM branded product is intended for OEMs that do not want to share their proprietary device with other 3rd party software developers. The decision to use these proprietary devices is made solely by the OEM and not X-Rite.  This device will have custom side panels with the OEM’s name.  In addition, the part number will include either “OEM” or another OEM defined set of characters. This device will work ONLY with this OEM software and will not work with X-Rite software.

OEMs will have the choice to purchase licensing for one or more of the three devices described above.  So, there could be third party software that allows connectivity to more than one of the three device types.  Support for the Custom OEM branded and OEM Generic devices, as well as third party software, should be directed to the third party software vendor.