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Date Created: 7/19/2011   Date Modified: 6/6/2016

+ColorSync pre-selected, when printing chart from i1Profiler 1.1.1

Question: Since i1Profiler V 1.1.1 the option Vendor Matching cannot be selected anymore in the printer driver on my Mac. ColorSync is pre-selected and disabled. How can I change this?

Answer: Since i1Profiler V 1.1.1 the color management of ColorSync has been disabled by default. This helps to ensure, that the test charts will be printed without any color management applied by the MacOS system. Even, if the option ColorSync is pre-selected, it is disabled and will by bypassed. This is analogue to how Photoshop behaves. So, you can leave this option as it is, then continue with the other driver settings and make sure, that even the printer-specific color management options are disabled.