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Date Created: 6/24/2011   Date Modified: 6/6/2016

+PM5 Optical Brightener Correction -> How to achieve in i1Profiler?

Question: ProfileMaker 5 did include a software-based option for Optical Brightener Correction (OBC) at least for the Perceptual table in a profile. If the software detected optical brightener in the measurement data, a checkbox for OBC was enabled and could be switched on or off. This helped me to avoid color casts in a profile. How can I achieve this with i1Profiler?

The new i1Profiler software includes a completely new profiling engine, which provides already by default a most neutral gray axis and this effects on all Rendering Intent tables. This has also been confirmed for papers containing optical brighteners.

Additionally, i1Profiler provides a special option to enlarge the range of how far the neutralisation of grays goes into the more chromatic color areas: Profile Settings -> Perceptual -> Neutralize Gray. This allows to increase the neutrality of the gray axis further.

Owners of an iSis can additionally perform a dedicated Optical Brightener Compensation workflow. In this workflow, a visually based Optical Brightener Compensation will be included in the ICC profiling procedure. This is also a powerful and well-working way, to compensate for color shifts in the gray axis caused by an amount of UV light in a paper or even decide visually on how to build the gray axis. The iSis is capapble to deliver two sets of measurement data – with and without included UV information. Additionally, it comes by default with a set of neutral Gray Cards (produced by Munsell), which are acting as neutral gray references for the visual judgement to identify most neutral grays of the printer.

For dedicated information on how the OBC compensation with iSis is working, click here (-> under construction).