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Date Created: 6/24/2011   Date Modified: 6/6/2016

+PM5 Paper-Colored Gray, Neutral Gray -> How to achieve in i1Profiler

Question: ProfileMaker 5 offers two different options on how to build up the gray axis in the Perceptual table of a profile. The options were Paper-Colored Gray (gray axis correlated to the color of the substrate) and Neutral Gray (gray axis always neutral from darks to quarter tones, independently from color of substrate). How can I transfer these options to i1Profiler?

The new i1Profiler software includes a completely new profiling engine, which tries to provide an always most neutral gray balance in the resulting profile. So, the results with i1Profiler are closer to the option Neutral Gray than to Paper-Colored Gray in ProfileMaker 5.

The option Paper-Colored Gray in ProfileMaker 5 represents how the gray axis was handled in the first generation of a profiling engine up to ProfileMaker version 4. The main intention, why this option was still present in the ProfileMaker 5 software, was to be down-compatible to the older versions. Achieving a neutral and smooth gray axis is the most important goal in today’s production scenarios, so we believe that the option Paper-Colored Gray is obsolete.

An option Profile Settings -> Perceptual -> Neutralize Gray in the i1Profiler software even  allows you to enlarge the range of how far the neutralisation of grays goes into the more chromatic color areas.