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Date Created: 6/21/2011   Date Modified: 6/6/2016

+Reporting an issue on profile generation to X-Rite support

To analyze issues, you might have with creating ICC output profiles or with the resulting profile quality, the X-Rite application support team will ask you to provide the following information and data:

  • Your exact OS version
  • Your printer/inks or print process type
  • Your paper or printing substrate type
  • Your printer driver type like Native Driver or RIP, eventually include screenshots of driver settings for chart printing
  • If relevant, information to your data flow, when printing color-managed images
    • Used application for printing (Adobe xxx, RIP Software, etc…)
    • Source / simulation profiles (e.g. AdobeRGB, sRGB, ISO Coated, SWOP…)
    • Used Rendering Intent
  • Your ICC profile* or i1Profiler workflow data (pwxf)**, which show the issue

The X-Rite application engineers can re-load your ICC profiles or workflow data and review all used settings, chart and measurement data.

*When saving the ICC profile, please make sure that the option Include CXF Data is activated. This ensures, that all information can be reloaded.

**To save the workflow data in i1Profiler, please follow these steps:

  • Define and perform all your intended settings and data for Patch Set, Measurements, Lighting, Profile Settings and ICC Profile in your profiling workflow
  • Arrived in the last step ICC Profile, hit the button Save Current Workflow at very bottom right in the i1Profiler Wizard
  • Save your data (it will be saved as .pwxf file)

Please send your data including all information requested above via e-mail to your X-Rite application support team (EU, Asia: emeatechsupport@xrite.com, USA: cmsupport@xrite.com). The X-Rite application team will review your data and provide instructions for a resolution.