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Date Created: 4/29/2011   Date Modified: 6/6/2016

+UGRA/FOGRA Media Wedge V3 AED or ED Version - which to use?

The AED version saves out as TIFF file and includes gaps for measuring with i1 in scan mode (UGRA FOGRA Media Wedge V 3.0a). The ED saves out as EPS file and does not include gaps for measuring with i1 in scan mode (but could be measured in patch mode).

So, when you want to save the UGRA/FOGRA Media Wedge out of i1Profiler to proof-print it from another application and later measure it with i1 in i1Profiler, you should use the AED version.

However, the CMYK patch specifications are the same in the AED and ED version and if you have proof-printed the UGRA/FOGRA Media Wedge (V 3.0a in i1 layout) from another source, it does not matter for the verification procedure, if you select the AED or ED wedge type. You can continue with measuring and report generation with both versions.