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Date Created: 4/6/2011   Date Modified: 6/6/2016

+Un-installing i1Profiler on a Mac

Usually, to update i1Profiler software, it is not needed to un-install the previous software.

However, if there is a need to un-install the software for troubleshooting or other reasons, please follow these steps:

  • Disconnect all measurement instruments (if connected)
  • Disconnect your dongle (if connected)
  • Move the 'i1Profiler' program folder into the trash  
  • Navigate to MacHD/Users/<username>/Library/Preferences and delete the i1Profiler Preferences file com.x-rite.i1Profiler.plist 

Note: i1Profiler installs a folder structure, in which your custom Assets and Workflow Settings will be saved. If you want to delete it, navigate to MacHD/Library/Application Support/X-Rite/i1Profiler and move it to the trash (you might want to save a copy before deleting it).

Note: i1Profiler generates a couple of helpful Log Files. If you want to delete them, review this article.