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Date Created: 3/24/2011   Date Modified: 6/7/2016

+i1Publish Support Options

i1Publish Support Options

We are confident you will be pleased with your new i1Profiler product, and that you will find it a very easy tool to use. At the same time, we understand the need for on-demand support and training in today’s complex and rapidly evolving workflows. Because of this we are making the following on-line and free support tools available to registered users of i1Profiler:

These support tools are found at: www.xrite.com/support/i1Profiler

  • Free and unlimited access to the i1Profiler interactive training videos; available within the i1Profiler software.

  • Free and unlimited access to the X-Rite on-line Help Desk, which includes detailed and helpful support articles related to frequently asked questions regarding i1Profiler product as well as an on-line step-by-step troubleshooting diagnostic tool.

  • Free access to X-Rite’s e-mail support and call center during the warranty period for issues resulting from general product use provided:

    • You are the original registered user of the product

    • You are using the current version of i1Profiler software

    • You are using currently supported hardware

    • You are using a currently supported platform (operating system)

Because we recognize the need for advanced support related to using i1Profiler in various workflows, as well as support in post warranty time periods, we are happy to offer ongoing support programs and training options delivered by X-Rite’s highly experienced Color Experts.