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Date Created: 11/10/2010   Date Modified: 6/7/2016

+Upgrade - i1, PM5, MonacoPROFILER dongle upgrade instructions

If you are an owner of the most recent versions of i1Match, ProfileMaker or MonacoPROFILER solutions, you are eligible for an upgrade to i1Publish. The upgrade package includes complete i1Publish solution and directly supports i1Pro, i1iO and i1iSis instruments. Depending on your original purchase, you can either go for i1Publish Upgrade A or Upgrade B (please contact your regional X-Rite dealer for price information):

- Upgrade from: i1Basic Pro; i1Basic; i1Design LT; i1Photo LT; i1Pro OEM: Upgrade B
- Upgrade from: i1Photo Pro; i1Photo; i1Photo SG; i1Proof; i1XT; i1XTreme: Upgrade A
- Upgrade from: ProfileMaker 5.x solutions*: Upgrade A
- Upgrade from: MonacoPROFILER 4.x solutions*: Upgrade A

*prior versions not eligible for upgrades


Instructions for upgrading your i1Pro or ProfileMaker product

- Purchase upgrade A or B as appropriate, you will receive an i1Publish product box
  including an Upgrade Code Voucher
- Install the i1Profiler software from the included DVD
- Connect your i1Pro or ProfileMaker (HASP) dongle to an open USB port on your computer
- Launch i1Profiler. The software will display i1Profiler - DEMO with a red question mark
  under the Licensing menu
- Click the down arrow beside Licensing to expand the menu
- Click the Upgrade License button
- Select your dongle type
- Enter your upgrade code, provided in your i1Publish product box

Instructions for upgrading your MonacoPROFILER product

- First, please check out the serial number of your MonacoProfiler dongle:
  - Connect your MonacoPROFILER dongle to your comput
  - Launch MonacoPROFILE
  - Under the File menu choose Program Dongl
  - Note your dongle's internal serial number

- Then, please contact a regional X‐Rite Sales Administration office on the numbers below, let them know your MonacoProfiler
   dongle's serial number and let them know, that you want to purchase Upgrade A:

North America:                     customerservice@xrite.com     +1 800-248-9748

South & Central America:      customerservice@xrite.com     616-803-2000


Japan:                                 JapanOrders@xrite.com         +81 3-6825-1641

China:                                 OrdersChina@xrite.com         +86 21 6448 1155

Asia Pacific:                        OrdersAsia@xrite.com          +852 2568 6283

India:                                   ExportOrders@xrite.com        +41 44 842-2753      

Australia and New Zealand:   OrdersAsia@xrite.com          +852 2568 6283


Central Europe:                    CEOrders@xrite.com             00800 700 30001 or +41 44 842-2753

Eastern Europe:                   EasternOrders@xrite.com      00800 700 30001 or +41 44 842-2753

UK & Ireland:                       OrdersUK@xrite.com             00800 700 30001 or +41 44 842-2753

France:                               FranceOrders@xrite.com        00800 700 30001 or +41 44 842-2753

Italy:                                   ItalyOrders@xrite.com            00800 700 30001 or +41 44 842-2753

Spain & Portugal:                 IbericaOrders@xrite.com        00800 700 30001 or +41 44 842-2753

Middle East & Africa:            ExportOrders@xrite.com        00800 700 30001 or +41 44 842-2753

- An order entry specialist will validate your MonacoPROFILER serial number and your
  i1Profiler upgrade code from the front of this card. You will receive a new, fully programmed,
  i1Profiler dongle within 5 business days by mail.