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Date Created: 8/26/2011   Date Modified: 9/12/2012

+Mouse Clicks Don't Work With Wacom Tablets

The user interface for a number of X-Rite products including i1Profiler, ColorMunki Photo, ColorMunki Design, ColorMunki Display, and ColorMunki Smile is based on Qt Framework.  More information on Nokia’s Qt Development Framework can be accessed at:


There is a known issue with Wacom tablets and Qt based applications.  Wacom tablet mouse clicks are not working in Qt based applications.  This issue has been logged as a bug with the Qt development team and there could be a resolution soon.  It is possible that Wacom can provide a solution as well.  There are workarounds posted on the Wacom User Forum website.  The two simplest workarounds seem to be to switch the tablet mouse to “Pen Mode” or to connect a standard USB or wireless mouse when using the i1Profiler application.

If the solution is provided thru a Qt Framework update, then the next released versions of i1Profiler and ColorMunki software should include the fix to this issue.