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Date Created: 2/4/2010   Date Modified: 3/23/2012

+Encountered Measurement Problem - Windows 7 and Vista

To make sure that you are setting up the ColorMunki on your screen properly click here.

When profiling the monitor using ColorMunki Photo or ColorMunki Design but errors showing message "Encountered Measurement Problem, Try Again" on either Windows 7 or Vista 32x and 64x systems. 

This can be caused by 2 things on either the Vista or Windows 7 system which are using Windows Defender or having the UAC, User Account Control turned on. The following links will walk you through shutting these settings off on your computer. After shutting off the UAC your computer will force you to reboot so you may want to shut that one off last.




Once you have rebooted the computer you should be able to go back through the profiling process and save the profile successfully.