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Date Created: 9/29/2009   Date Modified: 3/16/2012

+Dual displays on Mac will not allow me to profile second monitor

ColorMunki v1.1.0 has an issue with the advanced profiling feature when running on Mac OS X using dual monitors setup with different resolutions.  This is causing the screens to appear either as if you can’t see the adjustments bars or the screen turns completely white and it appears as if the calibration is hanging.  What will happen is that the primary screen will profile for you fine in advanced mode.  When you move to the secondary screen in advanced mode this is where the behavior begins.  You should be able to profile the secondary monitor in Easy mode without any difficulty.

This was turned into our development group and is in the process of being fixed in the new release that allows users compatibility on Mac OS X 10.6.  This is almost a complete release and should be available for download in the next couple of weeks. 

In the meantime you should determine which monitor is your color critical display and profile that as your primary in the advanced mode.

UPDATE: Version 1.1.1 was released on October 13 and addresses this issue.