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Date Created: 4/1/2008   Date Modified: 3/9/2012

+Tray Icon is Lost (ColorMunki Tray application)

Question: The ColorMunki Tray application has accidentally been closed. How can I restart it?

Answer:  On a Mac the ColorMunki Tray application is located in the following directory: MacOS / Library / Application Support / ColorMunki / Design or Photo / Tools. Just double-click on ColorMunki xxx Tray to relaunch it.

On Windows XP or Vista the ColorMunki Tray application can be found in the following directory: Program Files / X-Rite / ColorMunki Photo or Design / Tools / ColorMunkixxxTray.exe. Just double-click on it to relaunch it.

On both OS the ColorMunki Tray will also relaunch after restarting the computer. If this is not the case on a Mac, please make sure that the option 'Launch System Status' is activated in the 'Preferences' menu.  For ColorMunki Photo please start the 'Photo ColorPicker' to get access to the Preferences.