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Date Created: 3/27/2008   Date Modified: 3/2/2012

+Connecting the ColorMunki Instrument

Before connecting the instrument make sure that you install the software. This step is necessary as it assures that the proper instrument driver is present on the computer when the instumrnt is connected.

Your package included a USB cable which connects the ColorMunki instrument to the computer.

 The smaller end of this cable connects to the ColorMunki instrument.

The larger end of the cable connects to the computer. One of the advantages of USB ports is that they supply power as well as transfer data. The ColorMunki instrument is powered from the USB cable so no external connect to a power supply is required.

However not all USB ports do supply power, and some do not provide power to the proper specification that they should. Because of this it is important to connect the ColorMunki to a powered USB port.

USB ports on keyboard and monitors are typically not powered. They work just fine for mice and other unpowered accessories, but cannot be used with the ColorMunki. USB ports on the computer itself typically are powered. If in doubt, or if you have no available USB post, you can always connect the ColorMunki to a powered USB port. These are readily available very inexpensively at any computer supply store. Again, not all USB ports are powered; make sure you obtain one that includes a connection to a power outlet.