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Coloratti - John Paul Caponigro

Learning: Color Management Information & Webinars

Welcome to X-Rite Photo Color Management Resource Center – the place to go when you want to enhance your color knowledge. Whether you want to learn more about color basics, how to use your X-Rite solutions, or even how to work with other devices in your workflow, you’ll find the information you need in this section.

Your First Step to Accurate Color
Are you viewing accurate color? Learn why monitor calibration is the most important first step to a color managed workflow and why you can’t rely on your eyes alone.
Need to Know: ColorProfile Information
Download a wide range of “Need to Know” documents which provide support information showing you how best to color profile a wide and growing range of photographic hardware devices. See how to use the profiles you create, establish a good viewing environment, and more.

Color Control & Coloratti Videos
Learn more about color control and how to get the best color performance from all of the devices in your photographic workflow. You can also check out X-Rite Coloratti videos for inspiration from the pros and learn how they control color.

Color Management Webinars
On-line learning at your fingertips. Check our calendar of events, watch previously recorded webinars, or sign up to be notified of future live presentations. X-Rite color management webinars will provide you with the latest information so you can take control of your color.

Complete Guide to Color Management
An in-depth booklet that will help you understand how to set up your workflow and allow all of your devices to speak the same color language. Get accurate and predictable results every time. Includes a PDF download.

Color IQ Test
Take this fun and simple on-line test and learn how you see color. Share it with your friends and colleagues.

Tips & Tricks
Your resource to a wide range of answers to frequently asked questions on how to achieve an accurate color managed workflow.

Color Glossary
Speak the language of color - your definition resource.