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Webinar Archive: Getting Started in Lightroom 3 - Part 1: Organization, Color Workflow and Basic Edits

3/3/2011 1:00 PM EST  

Getting Started in Lightroom 3 - Part 1: Organization, Setup and Basic Edits

Join us for another free X-Rite sponsored webinar with host Joe Brady. Lightroom 3 is a powerful organizational and editing tool that can streamline your workflow by saving lots of time sorting and editing your images. Understanding how to plan your file organization and setting up color management before starting your image edits will save you lots of headaches later.

In this hour long session, we'll start with the new Lightroom 3 importing window as a basis for image organization and filing hierarchy. Knowing how this all works will allow you to take advantage of the timesaving abilities that comes from grouping, rating and backing up images.

Before you do any editing in Lightroom, it's critical that you have your color workflow under control. This includes ensuring your monitor is calibrated and profiled and creating custom camera profiles that will make sure all of your images are viewed with the best color possible. This will make your color edits accurate and consistent.

Moving into the Develop module, we'll make sure we will apply our custom camera profiles and then go over all of the new global edits that make this program so much fun. Watch as we take the mystery out of color management and Lightroom 3!

Who Should Attend

  • Professional Photographers
  • Photo Enthusiasts
  • Lightroom users from all versions and levels
  • Anyone whose image organization needs help!
Topics Covered
  • The Lightroom File Structure
  • Organizing, Sorting and prioritizing
  • Organizing, Sorting and prioritizing
  • Lightroom Color Setup & Global Image Edits

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