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Webinar Archive: When you Travel, Bring your Passport! with Seth Resnick

3/15/2011 1:00 PM EDT  

Free Webinar March 15th with Seth Resnick!

When you Travel, Bring your Passport! with Seth Resnick

Few things are more important for a smooth travel experience than making sure you've packed your ColorChecker Passport. Particularly when using a RAW workflow, Passport can help reduce the time it takes to edit and process your travel photos. As Seth Resnick of D65 says, "Develop a workflow, not a work slow."

Join Seth Resnick in this Free Webinar for helpful tips on shooting in diverse locations, using ColorChecker Passport to make sure your color is right every time, using Lightroom for cataloging and filing, and more. Traveling is fun and the only thing better is enjoying your beautiful photographs for years to come.

Topics Covered

  • Dealing with light in diverse travel situations
  • Using ColorChecker Passport to streamline your RAW workflow
  • Lightroom cataloging concepts for your travel photography
  • Color management for smooth editing

When You Travel, Bring Your Passport! with Seth Resnick from X-Rite Photo on Vimeo.

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