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Webinar Archive: Landscape Photography Editing & Enhancements with Adobe® Photoshop®

12/9/2010 1:00 PM EST  

Landscape Webinar

Landscape Photography Editing & Enhancements with Adobe® Photoshop®

Tips, Tricks & Techniques to bring out the beauty of your images

Join us for this free X-Rite sponsored webinar with host Joe Brady. Invest an hour to learn step-by-step image editing in Photoshop CS5 with techniques you can put to work right away. We'll start with a quick monitor calibration to ensure we are at the right starting point for our image edits, then we'll jump into Photoshop CS5. Along the way, we'll make sure to follow the best color management practices from capture to edit to output so that our images print as great as they look on your monitor.

We're going to cover a handful of situations with both JPEG and RAW image files. Here are some issues we'll tackle during the presentation:

  • Dealing with Under and Over-exposed images
  • Color Issues, White Balance and Camera Profiles
  • Object Adjustments including perspective and transformations
  • Object Retouching and Removal
  • Localized Color Adjustments with masks
  • Single Image HDR
  • Light Shaping - Overlay burning and dodging
  • Selective Sharpening
  • Black & White Conversion, Sepia and other Color Effects
  • Preparing for printing on desktop and lab printers

This will be a detailed and fun webinar with lots of information that will benefit every Photoshop user from beginner to expert.

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