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Webinar Archive: Color Portrait Retouching with Jane Conner-ziser

5/5/2010 3:00PM EDT  

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Color Portrait Retouching with Jane Conner-ziser

High quality results is always the goal when retouching people. Learn how to apply the best techniques for smoothing skin, adding colors, and enhancing eyes as well as the importance of controlling your color to achieve predictable results.    

No matter what your workflow, purpose for your image, or preference, you'll see how important color is for projecting mood and style into photographic captures. And get a sneak peek at Photoshop CS5 technology for new tools to add to your "retouching bag of tricks."  All this and more with Jane Conner-Ziser, one of the world's most respected portrait retouchers.

Who Should Attend
  • Wedding and Portrait Photographers
  • Digital Artists
  • Retouchers
  • Anyone interested in Photoshop techniques
  • Any photographer who wants to create beautiful images!
  • Any Photoshop user or those interested in learning more!

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