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Webinar Archive: Editing Portraits in Photoshop & Getting Prints Back that Match Your Display!

2/9/2012 1:00 PM EST  

For the Birds! Nature Photography with Maxis Gamez

Spend an hour with host Joe Brady learning how to edit portrait photographs to create images your clients will love. In this free webinar sponsored by X-Rite, Joe will share some of his favorite techniques, tips and tricks for adding shape, direction and finish to portraits.

From simple blemish removal to complex reshaping of body parts, these step-by-step tutorials will enhance your Photoshop skills and improve your editing quality and speed.

Before starting any serious editing, it's critical that your monitor is calibrated and profiled. Joe will start with a short profiling demonstration and then dive into Photoshop edits. If you're after improving your portrait print results, this will be an hour well spent.

Here are some topics Joe will cover:

  • The why and how of monitor calibration
  • Portrait edits from minor to major including:
  • Correcting color casts
  • Exposure issues
  • Blemish removal
  • Body Re-shaping
  • Skin softening and "glows"
  • Layer masking for local control
  • Light shaping
  • Adding "pop" to flat images
  • Image sharpening
  • Preparing files for lab printing

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