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Webinar Archive: RAW COLOR POWER with the ColorChecker Passport

12/20/2011 1:00 PM EST  

Sponsored by Calumet

ColorChecker Passport delivers improved color to your Adobe® RAW workflow.

ColorChecker Passport is a powerful ‘capture to edit’ color solution for any photographer looking for more accurate, consistent color and creative flexibility. And when you combine ColorChecker Passport with Adobe® Imaging solutions you’ll gain even greater benefits.

Imagine a near-effortless color workflow. Imagine having multiple cameras - even different models, shooting the same event or scene and color matching. Imagine significantly reducing your image processing time.

Join us in this webinar and we’ll show you how to bring your digital photography color to a new level! You’ll learn how to quickly and easily capture accurate color, instantly enhance portraits and landscapes, create your own color look with one click and maintain color control and consistency. You’ll be able to achieve superior color results in a fraction of the time!

Who should watch this webinar?

  • Professional photographers
  • Photographic enthusiasts
  • Anyone passionate about accurate color
Topics Covered
  • Creating and Using Camera Profiles
  • Custom White Balance with the Passport
  • One click accurate color edits
  • Matching color response of two or more cameras
  • Matching color response under different lighting conditions
  • Color editing in Adobe® Lightroom®
  • Color editing in Adobe® Photoshop®

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