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Webinar Archive: Color Workflow with onOne, X-Rite and Adobe Photoshop – Edit to Output

6/29/2010 1:00PM EDT  

Color Workflow with onOne, X-Rite and Adobe Photoshop - Edit to Output

Join X-Rite and onOne software for part 2 of our free Webinar series. Ensure that your prints match your display and perform exceptional image edits with a speed and ease you haven't seen before.

Picking up where we left off from the previous webinar we will continue to enhance the image using PhotoFrame 4.5 from onOne Software. PhotoFrame adds the perfect finishing touch to your images and includes hundreds of design elements such as realistic darkroom and film edge effects. We will show you how to add a grunge look by adding an overlay and film edge as well as prepare the image for output on canvas using Genuine Fractals, also from onOne.

When our masterpiece is complete, we will need to ensure that the print we get from our printer matches the image on our screen. Using the ColorMunki Photo from X-Rite, we'll create a custom printer profile, soft-proof in Photoshop and print the file, knowing that the print will match our display – first time, every time! Let X-Rite give you perfect color and onOne make digital photography easier, faster and better.

Who Should Attend
- Wedding, Portrait, and Landscape Photographers
- Photographic enthusiasts doing their own printing
- Anyone passionate about photography

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