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Webinar archive: Portraiture and Weddings in Natural Light

4/8/2015 17:30 - 18:30 GMT  

In this free, 1 hour webinar, professional photographer Kevin Wilson will guide you through how he gets the most out of his portrait and wedding images in natural light. Kevin will help you improve your shots with the expertise he has gained in 24 years of professional photography, keeping the emotion in wedding scenes and the personality through portraiture.

Kevin will lead you through his use of reflectors, lighting, posing, space creation and image refinement to achieve the kind of image he is known for. Using Capture One, Adobe Photoshop, Lastolite and X-Rite colour management products, he will demonstrate how these tools combine to make the perfect final picture.

Kevin Wilson is widely acclaimed as one of Europe's leading wedding and portrait photographers. He has the rare distinction of Fellowship in all three major photographic bodies: The Master Photographers Association (MPA) the British Institute of Professional Photography (BIPP) and the Royal Photographic Society (RPS). For more information, see www.kevinwilson.co.uk. In the webinar, Kevin will cover:

  • Reflectors
  • Lighting
  • Posing
  • Creating space
  • Refinement of image

Looking forward to the webinar, Kevin commented:

“Portraiture is more than getting the lighting right, and weddings are about more than the background. For portraiture, it’s important to make the model feel comfortable and natural. For weddings, it’s important that the subjects barely notice that you’re there. After the scenes are set, it’s all about how your experience as a photographer contributes to the decisions you make and the post-processing that you employ. Throughout the webinar, I’ll be looking at the creative and technical decisions I might make, with which tools, and why.”

Throughout the webinar, there will be the opportunity to ask questions and interact with Kevin, as well as a question and answer session at the end.


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