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Webinar Archive: Sell More Online with Great Product Photography

12/12/2013 1:00pm EST  


If you want to sell items on eBay, Etsy, your own website or anywhere else online, having a great photograph of your cool stuff will increase its appeal and sell-ability.

Join host Joe Brady as he takes you through the process of small product photography from set up to capture to edit. Joe will demonstrate the new Bowens Streamlite Cocoon Kit that makes producing pro quality photographs simple and consistent.

For those of you selling jewelry, clothing and small artwork, accurate color is extremely important so that your customers will know what they are purchasing. With a Sekonic L-308S Light Meter, see how to get perfect and consistent exposures every time. Then by including the Colorchecker Passport from X-Rite, Joe will show how to create a custom profile for the lights so that every item displays its full color perfectly. Using Adobe Lightroom, you will also learn how to shoot directly into a laptop, have the color and white balance adjusted automatically and then have JPEGs of the appropriate size sent off to an image folder with one click of the mouse.

For new or existing businesses and hobbyists, learn how to create great product images for your online business empire!

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