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Eric Meola

Travel, Landscape, Portrait and Wildlife Photographer

Eric Meola’s first book, Last Places on Earth, an exploration of the disappearing beauty of various cultures, ceremonies and wildlife at the end of the twentieth century, was published in 2004 (Graphis). In 2006, a book of his photographs from the photo shoot for Bruce Springsteen’s seminal album, Born to Run, titled Born to Run: The Unseen Photos, was published (Insight Editions).

Eric’s photographs are in private and public collections including the International Center of Photography, the National Portrait Gallery in Washington, D.C., and the George Eastman House. His graphic color images have appeared editorially in many magazines and his advertising and corporate clients are a who’s who of the “Fortune 500.”

He has won numerous awards including the 1986 ‘Advertising Photographer of the Year’ award from the American Society of Media Photographers, and in 1989 he was the only photographer in Adweek magazine’s national ‘Creative All-Star Team’; that same year he received a ‘Clio’ for the images he made for the Timberland campaign.

He is a Canon Explorer of Light and his most recent book INDIA: In Word and Image, a collection of images from his travels throughout India, was published in 2008 (Welcome Books).

“I started making photographs when photography was about inspiration.  I was inspired by my mentors and by their love of their craft and the magical way in which they captured both light and moments in time.  If I inspire one person to look at photography differently then I’ve accomplished something important.”

Other Industry Affiliations: 
Canon Explorer of Light, "Photographers Against Hunger".

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