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Kevin Shaw

Kevin Shaw, CSI is a consultant, instructor and colourist with over 35 years of experience. He is currently President of Colorist Society International (CSI), co-founder of the International Colorist Academy (ICA), an Academy ACES mentor, Dolby Vision HDR consultant and certified BMD Resolve 16 trainer. He is a member of the Professional Video Alliance (PVA) and a trained display calibration expert.

Kevin is equally at home working on DI Feature productions, TV episodic programming commercials, music videos and film restoration. As well as color grading services, Kevin also does look development and workflow management.

Kevin started in the London post production market in the 1980s working on top music videos and high end commercials. In the early 1990s continued to color grade in Milan and then Zurich. His career took him around the world, grading, doing demonstrations for several manufacturers and he developed the first telecine colorist training schemes. In 1998 Kevin joined market leader da Vinci Systems as their first Director of Training. There he contributed to product design and created the da Vinci Academy, which he ran until 2004. In 2004 Kevin returned to the colorist chair to work with clients again through his new company Finalcolor Ltd. He focused on software grading and DI workflows.

In 2009, he co-founded the International Colorist Academy to share his knowledge and experiences with the growing new generation of software colorists. In 2012 Kevin took a lead role in building a new facility for the BBC to do digitisation, compliance editing, film and tape restoration and he remained there for 3 years as Lead Technologist. In 2016 he co-founded Colorist Society International (CSI), which is the first organisation to represent professional motion picture colorists and he is currently serving as President. Since 2017 he has focused on HDR display work and is excited about the new opportunities that brings.

Kevin has written many user manuals, useful articles and presentations. Clients include Amazon Studios, BBC S&PP, CBS Broadcast, Dolby, Kodak labs, NARA, National Film Board of Canada, Netflix and Sky.

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