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Lars Müller

My name is Lars Müller, and I am 27 years young. At the beginning of 2012 I bought my first camera, a Canon EOS 50D. Photography quickly developed into a real passion. In 2014 I started to take pictures more consciously because of my hobby playing football. I began to take sport shots. But then my passion for nature and animals awakened and so I searched for new inspiration in the nature. Little by little, friends and acquaintances asked if I could take pictures of them. This added another attraction and I invested in portrait lenses.

2016 was a very emotional year for me, because I was able to overcome my fear of flying, which started my love of traveling and allowed me to immerse myself in the field of travel and portrait photography. All these passions of photography - traveling, nature, as well as hiking - can be combined so perfectly. This really fulfills me!

What I love in nature are the mountains and the mountain lakes - these are true wonders for me. I also have absolute enthusiasm for the starry sky.

1. Pretty soon I became aware of the importance of color management! Correct color reproduction on screens is so important!

2. Every photographer should know that on all devices their pictures can look different! In order to have a nearly neutral view of their own pictures, these devices need to be calibrated so everyone can see a photographer´s work as he sees it himself!

4. I am in contact and using with X-Rite since March 2020

5. I use X-Rite products because I am convinced of their quality!

The simplicity of the calibration is the main point - you don't need a lot of knowledge to let the colors look very harmonious!

6. Color management tools are very important in today's world, because there are always new displays, new brands and the technology never stands still. So you need a product which can adjust everything. For example, 10 people work on a project together and each of them should be able to see and work on almost the same thing to complete the task in a professional way! Everyone uses a different display, has different lighting conditions and everyone sees things differently!

That's why these calibration devices are so important for a perfect workflow - to create a standard.

7. Because of the new technology color management will always play an important role now and also in future. Because every industry has its special area of expertise! All who are professionally active in the photo/video industry should deal harmoniously with colors.

8. With colours you can control a lot! That is why color management will never lose its importance.

9. In order to be able to express myself artistically the best, I would like my pictures represented correct, so I can let my artistic vein in free run.

10. Imagine we are shooting a scene in the jungle due to a fatal mistake of a company that produces screens, you see exaggeratedly said the leaves are purple although everything was green. In our color grading process we correct everything that looks like the picture as it was. We render the whole thing and watch it on a high end TV to see how the film looks. Hours of work - unntil the flaw is discovered... If the screen had been calibrated by a process, this time could have been used for adjustments or other important tasks.

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