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Esteve LLanes

  • When did you first understand the importance of color to the photographic process?
    When I was an apprentice in chemical photography, the photo studio worked with art reproductions and a faithful reproduction of color was very important

  • What is the most important aspect of color management that an aspiring photographer should know?
    Color fidelity

  • Give an example of the ways in which a solid knowledge of color management (or an accurate color environment) helped you – on a project? In a consultancy situation?
    In wedding photography and create the album without predominant in the bride's dress.
    Later in food photography, orls of students in uniform and much more

  • Why are you committed to using X-Rite products?
    Because the most reputable photographers I knew told me that X-Rite was the best brand in color management solutions

  • How important are the latest color management tools in today's industry? Why?
    Because I want to control the whole process, nowadays I don't see myself working without color management tools

  • What does the (near) future hold for the photo industry, in your opinion? Do you think color management will be more or less important – why?
    I believe that color management will continue in the future. I do not see how in the future there can be any other way for an image file to capture, work, or reproduce an image and for it to have loyalty throughout the workflow.

  • Do you think color management will be more or less important? Why?
    Color management will continue to be important for any user who wants to obtain color fidelity, for all those users who want to control color throughout their process.

  • How is color management related to your artistic process?
    I would not understand my workflow without tools for color management. I like to get the accuracy of the image throughout the process. Also, I only work with photographic laboratories that provide me with the profile of their printing machine.

  • Do you see color management as an advantage for saving money?
    I see color management more as a time-saving thing, which means saving money.
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