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Esteve LLanes

About me....
I remember my childhood with the smell of acetate and photographic chemicals, every year, on the day of the Three Kings Parade, since my memory remembers it, I visited the photographic studio where my father and his partner practiced. It was a studio located on the first floor of an elegant building, located on Via Laietana, opposite the old Silk headquarters in Barcelona and next to the architectural jewel of the Palau de la Música by LLuis Domènech i Montaner. In it, I waited on the balcony for the passage of the Kings of the East surrounded by Linhoff, Sinar, Hasselblad and Rollei, admiring those mysterious machines that offered me an inverted image of the reality of the World I knew, and investigated their operation supervised by the gaze nothing concealed from an adult. Years later, in the process of transforming from adolescent to adult, I went to that study regularly, this time to learn the trade. Again the chemical smell comes back to my memory remembering the hours I spent in the dark room revealing negatives. I also remember how I carried, with the illusion of one who longs to learn by the shortest route, those heavy photographic equipment on the way to do some work that had to be done away from that studio. Military service ended this stage of learning. Once my military commitment ended, back I had the opportunity to join the labor market as a technical advisor in photography and image, and this pedagogical component caught me in their networks, discovering that I was passionate about being able to use my knowledge to advise the photographer to acquire the equipment that suited him best. Thus, several years passed, until the work led me to meet great photographers of recognized prestige who awoke in me the dormant passion for photographing. For a few years now, I have combined consulting, photography and the NGO Solidárias Images where we help people or projects with social purposes through photography and image. Learning every day and in constant evolution.

acquiring knowledge in business management and marketing, moving up within the company and being responsible for purchasing in one of the most important specialized photography companies in southern Europe due to its turnover, and where I was careful not to lose contact with the user final. The evolution of the market caused me to start organizing presentations and workshops with photographers of recognized prestige that allowed me to discover their work, experiences or techniques, and that in all these events, I grew as a photographer and caused me to yearn to shoot again. I feel lucky because the vicissitudes of life have produced that I can currently combine my commitments as head of marketing and technical advisor of material for the image in the company where I work, to continue to meet and organize presentations and workshops with great photographers, and to undertake the solidarity photographer project through the Barcelona NGO Imágenes Solidarias, an entity that helps people or projects for social purposes. I work with different photographic disciplines, but I love capturing emotions, immortalizing the moment, with all the force of the moment ...
Learning every day and in constant evolution.

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