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Thomas Adorff is a passionate scene photographer with national and international experience in the world of fashion, expressive people and band photography. Due to his extensive expertise in these areas, Thomas works with key partners in the media industry and licenses his images for magazines, books, cover artwork and advertising purposes. 

His photographic work is accompanied by a variety of professional workshops, which are dedicated to topics such as flash photography, portrait photography and travel photography. His calm and relaxed style of imparting knowledge is a decisive factor in ensuring that the workshops meet with growing enthusiasm at home and abroad.

Through creative and professional image editing, the photographs are given his individual image look, which is also a component for his various training courses. Thomas Adorff can look back on many years of studio work, after he founded successful photo studios in Saarland and Baden Württemberg. Thomas currently works in Karlsruhe in a professionally equipped studio where his workshops and educational activities are also held.

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