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Sanjay Nanda

The Foundation Series: The Photographer's Skills. Basic Photography workshop. http://www.indipiximages.com/the-foundation-series-f1-the-photographers-skills.html

Introduction to the Art of Composition: Composition by Design. Introductory photo talk. http://www.indipiximages.com/f31-introduction-to-the-art-of-composition.html

Introduction to DAM and Processing with Aperture: Introductory talk and covers the entire digital raw image workflow. http://www.indipiximages.com/f52-introduction-to-dam-and-processing-with-aperture.html

Introduction to Digital Colour Management: Introductory workshop on the theory and practice of Digital Colour Management for photographers from capture to display to print. http://www.indipiximages.com/f55-introduction-to-digital-colour-management.html

Practical DAM and Processing with Apple Aperture: Comprehensive hands-on workshop and covers the entire digital RAW image workflow in Apple Aperture. http://www.indipiximages.com/f512-practical-dam-and-processing-with-aperture.html
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