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Francesco De Marco

Nature Photographer

I have always had a love for nature and curiosity to discover the uses and traditions of the populations in the world, so much so that I picked up the camera almost as a joke but with time I realized that that simple Click was something stronger, something that gave me the opportunity to capture what I saw and wanted to remember. Over time and the evolution of photography gave me one of the first digital cameras, from there I began my journey of discovery and study of photography.

Along with my university studies, I also began to study books on photography and various photographic genres in order to find out which one really suited me and my "photographic eye". I started, as often happens with photographers, with fashion photography. I also did some important collaboration with designers, agencies in the sector but I always felt something that was not in line with myself.

So I decided to chase after what he had been calling me for some time and I started traveling to capture the beauty of nature. Thus I began my career as a Documentary Naturalist Photographer traveling, immortalizing the silence of nature, its beauty and every little ray of light that gave me emotions. Every trip was an experience that made me grow professionally but above all humanly. Along with landscape photography, I also discovered a passion for conveying the art of photography through teaching.

In 2014 I began to convey the beauty of photography through photography courses, private courses and workshops. Seeing a photo enthusiast, absolutely devoid of photographic knowledge, begins to photograph thanks to my teachings I must admit that something fantastic! Each course is always a new adventure for me, a stimulus, where I have the opportunity to meet many people and understand which photographic genre is best suited to the individual participant. But above all to understand with which words I must succeed in making him learn every concept to the best.

I have worked with many companies both in the sports sector and in the photographic sector, for example with Decathlon, Fizan, Anfibio, Ezviz Italia, Click Elite, Transcend, Explorer Cases, Mind Shift Gear, Nomad, thanks to the professionalism and seriousness that I apply in every job and Cooperation.

After each trip I have often been applied to photographic exhibitions to tell what I photographed and so I exhibited in the historical building of Latina, Palazzo M, and in the Feltrinelli bookstores.

I think that training in photography is a fundamental element. I still attend many courses to update and improve myself. Taking the desire to know, in 2016, and especially intensifying my knowledge of photography, I attended the "See through the photographs" course organized by the MoMA in New York, where I received the Photographic Certification of "Knowledge of the history of photography and Analysis of the Photographs".

In 2018 instead, given that we live in the digital age, I decided to attend an Adobe Course thanks to which I received the Adobe A.C.A. Adobe Certified Associate, which guarantees all my knowledge of Adobe software.

Over time more and more companies have decided to join my name and so in 2017 I start my collaboration with Ra.Ma testing many products such as BlackRapid, Jupio and Kase Filters. Just of this last brand, in May of 2018 I was asked to become Official Brand Ambassador and National Coordinator.

Also in 2018, which I can consider a very lucky year, I joined the Patagonia Pro Program. Program reserved only for professionals in every sector. I also started a wonderful collaboration with The Heat Company, a company that produces thermal gloves suitable for professional photographers, who require me to analyze and test their products in adverse weather conditions.

In the same year I had the pleasure of meeting the representatives of the well-known company SIRUI, leader in the production of photographic tripods, and after a few days I received the fantastic news that they wanted me as their SIRUI Global Brand Ambassador and responsible for Italy.

In 2019 I became Ambassador of Universofoto, one of the largest retailers of Italian photographic material. In June of 2019 I am called to organize a national Masterclass on landscape photography in the city of Matera, capital of culture 2019.

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