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Kevin Mullins

Documentary Photographer, Weddings and Social Documentaries

I’m a wedding photographer by trade with a passion for people watching. I want my wedding photographs to be snapshots of real and uncontrived moments in time. Weddings are where I ply my trade, but really it’s just “people being people” – they happen to be at weddings. 

I shoot with the small, Fujifilm mirrorless cameras and always with natural light only. This allows me to shoot the wedding from the inside out, rather than be the photographer looking in from the outskirts with a telephoto lens. I want my clients to be taken right back to that moment in time when the image was exposed and see it from their guest’s eye view. It’s imperative to me that my clients don’t remember their wedding day as a fashion shoot with the photographer. I’d rather they forget entirely about me, but in 50 years’ time when they are showing their grandchildren the pictures of their wedding they can point to real moments, real people, real photographs. 

Up until 2009 I was working full time London, spending five hours each day on a train as well as ten hours in the office. Something had to change and a chance reading of an article in a magazine about wedding photography changed the direction of mine, and my family’s life. At that point I didn’t even own a camera and now, some seven years later, I’ve shot nearly 400 weddings and many other social documentaries.