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Paloma Rincon

Paloma is a Madrid based photographer working worldwide, from commercial assignments for big companies to more experimental and personal projects.

She creates photographic images in the intersection of photography, installation, sculpture and design. The result showcases interesting worlds where shapes, textures, materials, lights and typography blend together living in harmony inside fine, rich, and detailed graphic compositions. The virtual and the real worlds integrate in a totally natural fashion erasing the boundaries of tactile and digital. Her dynamic still life photographies combine an accurate use of technique and the creativity of a craftsman.

Products, props, and sometimes people are approached from a unique point of view. A very thorough process where elements are composed in an unexpected context that redefines their meaning. Playing with reality, the beauty of handcraft recovers its value and magic.

Born and raised in Mexico City, she grew up in the color of its culture. Always interested in arts and craft, at first she wanted to be a designer, but discovered photography, the lightroom and it´s magic and started to combine her graphic point of view with the use of real materials.
She moved to Spain to study a degree in Audiovisual Communication at the Universidad Complutense de Madrid and shortly after finishing her studies started to coollaborate with magazines and design studios.

Her professional development happened in between the most pure photographic technique, assisting national and international photographers, and a deep interest in all artistic disciplines. The resulting process is a combination of a plastic exploration, a designers approach in composition and color and a refined use of light and photographic tools.

Her clients include; Ford, Swatch, Ikea , Vodafone, Playstation, Kleenex, Sonos, Samsung, Toyota U.S.A, Oreo, Schweppes, Saatchi & Saatchi L.A. , JWT N.Y., Publicis, TBWA,  DDB , Ogilvy Madrid, Leo Burnett Budapest, Herezie Paris, Publicis, 72 and Sunny L.A., Universal Music, AD Spain, DCODE Festival, Esquire, NEO2, Out Magazine, among many others.