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Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

I first understood the importance of colour management in my workflow when I purchased my first digital camera, as without custom profiling it was near impossible to achieve a desirable result.

Colour management is an integral part of my entire workflow, from using a ColorChecker Classic or ColorChecker Passport at the time of capture to achieve a correct white balance, to viewing accurate colors on my calibrated and profiled monitors with my i1Display Pro and finally to printing beautiful colour accurate prints on my Epson Stylus Pro 9900 with the amazing profiles I create using X-Rite i1Profiler with my i1Pro 2 and my i1i0. I have full confidence in the color accuracy of my monitor and know that my images will reproduce as expected when they finally go to print. This not only saves me time in the editing process, but also eliminates paper and ink waste.

It is of utmost importance that photographers understands the importance of colour management at the source, by having an accurate white balance reference and a colour profiled monitor. Without understanding these two important factors the rest of the workflow will fall down.

I believe that X-Rite offers the best value for money. Their products are well priced, extremely user friendly and when it comes to performance, punch well above their weight. I firmly believe that the printer profiles I create with X-Rite’s product are not only as good, but, are better than what some of my colleagues are producing on equipment that is far more expensive.