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Winifred Whitfield

Portrait Artist, Digital Painter and Educator, US

Portrait Artist, Digital Painter and Educator, Winifred Whitfield sees the goddess in every woman. Her intimate portraits reveal “the unique emotion of a person. It is a portrayal, a story about her. It reflects her inner and outer beauty—her essence—and it becomes her personal piece of fine art.”

Winifred has always been an artist at heart-commencing oil painting in childhood. As an adult she traded her palette for a successful career as a vice president on Wall Street. Living in artist communities and frequenting New York City’s many art galleries and museums fanned the flame of her artistic spirit—but it was not enough. Yes, she gained satisfaction from the several flourishing businesses she founded in the Northwest (where she was a llama-breeder and a camel-owner), When she landscaped her six-acre farm, using plants and petals as living media with which to repaint her environment, there was a sense of artistic fulfillment.

Then Winifred discovered the possibilities held by digital photography and, employing her business acumen, launched a custom boutique studio/gallery. Blending her love of painting with her expert understanding of the mysteries of handcrafted printing and her mastery of the computer, Winifred’s long dormant artistic spirit blossomed. Intimate Portraits for Women was born and then Winifred’s Portrait and Fine Art Gallery which serves as her studio and provides gallery space to feature beautiful portraits of women and her fine art. Winifred’s ability to not only hear what her clients are saying but to intuit their desire results in a collaborative piece of art that reveals her subject’s inner person. “It is unlike any image a woman has likely seen of herself,” Winifred says. In an atmosphere that is warm and elegant, she creates a sense of sophisticated sanctity and trust that inevitably is reflected in the final work. Setting, atmosphere, lighting and emotion – Winifred designs a scene like a classic movie director. She treats each client as the carefully casted star of the story, which is about to unfold. “Creating the vision of the image before I shoot is the real key for creating empowering and beautiful images.” Like the artist of yesteryear, she escorts her clients on an adventure that is at once gentle and soul searching. Winifred is now dividing her time between New York and Washington State. Winifred’s Portrait & Fine Art Gallery.