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Don Smith

Fine Art Landscape Photography, US

Having begun his professional career over 39 years ago as a sports photographer, Don Smith successfully transitioned into the world of fine art landscape photography in 2002.

For seven years he was a contract photographer for Sports Illustrated and still keeps active in sports as original co-team photographer for the NHL’s San Jose Sharks. The rest of his time is spent on his landscape photography work. Don is now renowned for his work as stock photographer for Getty images and as a landscape workshop instructor, teaching 17 workshops per year. His work has been published worldwide in a variety of media and he has had cover images for over 30 books internationally.

Don teaches landscape workshops around the Western United States from Eastern Utah to Kauai. Among others, Don is affiliated with Topaz, Helicon Focus, SmugMug Pro, MindShift Gear, Think Tank, and B&H Photo. He is also part of the pro teams at both Singh-Ray and Lexar.

In the fall of 2014, Don was honored to be added to the SONY Artisan of Imagery team of professional photographers!

In addition to his stock photography and instructional workshops, Don has written three books: Refined Vision, The Photographer’s Guide to the Big Sur Coast, and On the Edge. He has also recently released a (26) chapter video series titled: A Simplified Method to Workflow in which he teaches his innovative approach to post-processing. All can be ordered by clicking the appropriate links on the top left drop-down box (located at the top left of this page).

Don lives in the Monterey Bay Area with his wife Beri and their sons Rob and Aaron.