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Jared Platt

Photographer, Educator, Writer, US

Jared Platt grew up in a one-horse town where entertainment was scarce, so he spent his time developing his talents in music and photography. Back then he thought he wanted to be a rock star perhaps, or a photographer or something equally fantastic. But as he grew older he recognized that what he really wanted was family.

"An ordinary moment with my wife and sons is more extraordinary than any life I had imagined in my youth. So I am not a rock star but my two boys still dance to my music and love to take pictures with their daddy. And my newborn daughter smiles when I hold her. Love commitment relationship character these are the things which inspire me. These are the things I look for through the camera.

Whether I’m shooting a wedding or a portrait, the goal is still the same. I capture the feelings, emotions, relationships and energy without calling too much attention to the fact that I am there. What I capture is real and beautiful.

Jared earned an undergraduate degree in photography and a Masters degree in the history of the medium. “I love to teach and share my experiences whenever possible. I teach lighting workflow and Adobe light room and I am a big proponent of sharing my knowledge and experience through workshops and creative live sessions”.